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Have HOPE that your body is a miraculous and wonderfully made Creation. Have FAITH that your body can heal itself. Take JOY that you are on your self-healing path. Be PATIENT as the healing takes place. Most important, always show KINDNESS to yourself.



There’s a reason why so many people choose Body Health & Wellness Center for treatment. We invite you to read our massage therapist reviews. In Fresno, CA, we offer massage treatments that provide healing and pain relief.

“I have gone to Alma for the past 5 years. I have an old injury from a fall that affects my neck and back. I now have arthritis and osteoporosis, so I need continuing treatment. Alma has been helping me over the years. I have tried most of her styles of massage, due to being reinjured, and just getting old. I always feel better when she works on me. She usually knows what I need, so I would recommend her highly.”

Carol Powroznik
September, 2014

“I started going to Body Health and Wellness after I was involved in a motor vehicle accident and suffered injuries. I had excruciating headaches and muscle spasms in my neck, back, and arm. Alma is always very attentive, thorough and knowledgeable and tailors her treatment towards each individuals specific needs. She’s an excellent massage therapist. I always feel better after each session and the headaches become much less frequent after the very first visit. The office environment is very soothing and relaxing and the staff is very friendly. I always look forward to our appointments and recommend her highly”

Stacey Anderson
September, 2014

“I suffer from chronic Migraines, and Alma has helped me using both Therapeutic Massage, as well as CranioSacral Therapy. My migraines are less frequent since I have been going to her regularly. Alma also does CranioSacral Therapy for Children. My son has ADHD, OCD and Tourrette’s Syndrome, and we have seen a dramatic improvement in his symptoms, since he has been going to her. Thanks Alma.”

Victoria Baker
September, 2014

“I have been getting massages from Alma for at least 10 years. She has by far out passed any other therapist that I have been to. I have a Swedish Massage with Trigger Point Therapy. She is excellent when it comes to finding my “sore spots” and can always use the pressure points to relive my pain. She even suggests exercise that will help to alleviate the pain. I would recommend her highly to anyone. She always relieves my aches and pains.”

Susy Leal
September, 2014

“Body Health and Wellness was recommended to me due to the fact my legs and back was to the point of 24 hour pain. It was unbearable to get around. After 3 deep tissue massages, I was back to my old self again.”

Georgios Statakis
September, 2014

“I started going to Alma at Body Health & Wellness Massage Therapy, regularly, in March of 2014. I was looking for a massage therapist who could help me with the neuropathy caused by Chemotherapy. She was very knowledgeable and gentle especially when it came to working on my feet. She used several styles of massage to help me-CranioSacral Therapy, Shiatsu, Reflexology and Reiki to name some. Now she is also helping with the lymphedema that has started in my chest area. Alma finds out the reason you are seeing a Massage Therapist and then adapts her techniques to help you. She is very personable and will talk or not ralk during your session, whichever you are comfortable with. I am very happy to found her and will continue to see her even after the neuropathy reverses.”

Shanna Wilson
September, 2014

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